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    (Patreon reward level: Lovely People &up. Whatever I have written that day, regardless of what it is. In this case a link to the tag, as maintaining a daily index would be both difficult and given that some of them may be quite short feel slightly ridiculous.)

    **Note: daily draft is literally anything I've written that day, fictionwise. May contain all kinds of stuff that would not, in the normal course of events, end up posted publicly or anywhere other than in my drafts folder! So.

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    (Patreon reward level: Wonderful People &up. An audio-blog of me chatting about whatever is on my mind, writing/creativity-wise, this week.)

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    (Patreon reward level: Fantastic People &up. Feather reads a story. Or multiple stories.)

    Current novel, as of July 2017: The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents

    Bonus: Novella

    Without Accident [semi-original explicit kink novella]

    Negotiation is easier by email.

    A lot of things are easier by email. Breaking up with Katie was easier by email, talking to professors is easier by email, fuck, interacting with his caseworker is occasionally easier by email, something which the woman thankfully realizes, even if she doesn't always let him get away with it. Keeping up with the old team. Avoiding his old command chain. On a bad week he can run most of his life by email, and reserve his energy for the labs, the lectures, and work.

    But right now, that's not the point. Right now, it's negotiation that's easier by email.
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